Company Profile

Brisbane based Lawson Surveys, Consulting Land Surveyors has been established now for almost 50 years.

The Director of Lawson Surveys, Ian Gray specialises in property and community titles, mixed use developments, boundary dispute resolution and town planning matters.

Ian Gray began his survey career in 1998 with a small rural firm in his New South Wales hometown. Ian moved to Brisbane in 2000 and began working for Lawson Surveys. He moved to London for two years and worked on construction sites as a Set out Engineer. This work held him in good stead for his return to Queensland, working as a construction surveyor in various mine sites. In 2007 he returned to Lawson Surveys as a Cadastral Surveyor and progressed to Senior Surveyor. He recently purchased Lawson Surveys and is now the Sole Director. Ian is currently managing the titling and volumetric surveys involved with one of the largest mixed use (retail and commercial) developments in Brisbane.

Stephen Kelly is the Survey Manager at Lawson Surveys, and has more than 30 years experience in the industry. Stephen has experience in many facets of surveying including hydrographic works at the Port of Brisbane, cadastral rural surveys, underground mine surveying in western Queensland, machinery set out, building set outs and CBD cadastral boundary definition. He has particular experience in cadastral surveys and specialises in mixed use developments, community title schemes, volumetric surveys and building format plans. Sites he has been personally involved with include Q1 on the Gold Coast and The Emporium site in Brisbane.


Lawson Surveys employs and utilises a full range of experienced Cadastral, Graduate, Associate and Engineering Surveyors to complete our corporate entity.

Lawson Surveys was one of the first firms to be accredited with the Department of Naural Resources & Mines and has maintained a near zero requisition rate with that Dept.

We have worked throughout Queensland for our South East Queensland based clients. The scope of our work includes the very basic Location Certificate or Conveyancing Certificate through to major projects for Government departments, Universities, Hospitals, Banks and other semi-government authorities.