Lawson Surveys believe the key to surveying excellence is to provide professional consulting services that ensure our clients and the community are at the forefront of our endeavours. The strength of our practice is our ability to provide clients with access to a wide range of professional expertise. Lawson Surveys offers market leading expertise in surveying throughout Brisbane and all of Queensland.

Cadastral (Property Boundary) Surveys

Traditional boundary surveys such as Identification surveys, subdivisions, amalgamations, unit developments, leases, location (conveyancing) certificates, easements, volumetric and resurveys.

Lawson Surveys specialises in complex cadastral surveys and cadastral reinstatement, with a particular emphasis on older suburbs/land parcels, where the boundaries are often mis-fenced or 'confused', leading to disputes regarding property boundaries.

Lawson Surveys has been recognised for its expertise by the Surveyors Board of Queensland, which recently asked the Survey Manager to audit the cadastral surveys of another surveying firm.

Lawson Surveys has established strong and productive working relationships with a number of key stakeholders including the Brisbane City Council and the Department of Natural Resources and Mines, demonstrating its reputation within the surveying community as a leader in cadastral surveying.

Our clients particularly recognise our working knowledge of the Body Corporate & Community Titles Act. This not only encompasses the traditional home units but when combined with our actual project experience in Volumetric Surveys and Building Management Statements, places us uniquely in the tourist and multi-use development market place.

Boundary Dispute Resolution

Our experience in this regard is second to none – with particular emphasis on solving boundary problems in the old inner suburbs. Through this we have established a proven track record and a fierce reputation amongst our peers in resolving the most complex of reinstatement issues. Examples of our work have featured in annual surveying awards, as well as letters and articles written in surveying journals.

Unit Developments & Community Title Developments
(Building Format Plans)

Lawson Surveys regularly completes building format plans for developments of different sizes. These range from small buildings of four units up to high rise buildings of 300 units.

Subdivisions, Easements, Leases
(Standard Format Plans)

The term 'Standard Format Plan' refers to any type of survey that involves an interest in land, such as subdivisions, easements, covenants or leases. The land survey team has completed many of these types of surveys ranging from two to 30 lot subdivisions and easement surveys (including height-restricted easements). For example, the Lawson Surveys team deals regularly with the Brisbane City Council and Queensland Urban Utilities for the preparation of their easement documents when required for a development.

Volumetric Surveys

Lawson Surveys specialises in volumetric surveys for mixed use development where there are retail/commercial premises mixed with residential lots. In these cases, developers may want the retail/commercial areas excised from the remainder of the building, which is achieved through a volumetric subdivision. In addition to its experience carrying out these types of volumetric surveys, Lawson Surveys has also completed the work required for volumetric easements, where access or maintenance rights are required over a specific, three dimensional area. For example, the land survey team has surveyed a volumetric easement over powerlines to allow them to 'swing' legally into a neighbouring property.

Titling Survey

Lawson Surveys regularly provides advice in relation to titling issues for developments ranging from small residential disputes to large, mixed use properties. Lawson Surveys has provided evidence in relation to disputes before the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal. In addition, the land survey team is currently managing the titling for one of the largest mixed use developments in Brisbane. The FV Development in Fortitude Valley has a combination of retail and residential uses, and is a complex mix of shared areas and uses involving nine retail units and over 900 residential units.

Lease Surveys

These surveys can involve either spaces within a building or the lease of an area of land. Both require a particular method of measurement and plan preparation. The land survey team are proficient in both and have performed thousands of leases within buildings for commercial and retail premises.

Engineering Surveys

Lawson Surveys regularly produces engineering surveys. The team has been involved in construction surveying and civil surveying for mostly residential developments but have also carried out civil surveying work for Energex in the form of powerline and trenching set out surveys. Our engineering surveys are not limited to the setting out of construction or civil works but also the collection of as-constructed information for civil or hydraulic engineers for submission to the local authority, such as Queensland Urban Utilities or Brisbane City Council.

Waterfront Surveys

We recommend anyone buying or selling a waterfront property (particularly Brisbane riverfront) engages our services before settlement. The laws for ownership are complex as are the cuurent position of all these mobile boundaries.